Saturday, February 14, 2009

Violet Voltaire's V-Bash!

Violet Voltaire is throwing a party! Who doesn't want to be invited to party thrown by Violet?? Four of my favorite designers in all of SL were there hanging out and I got intimidated and ran away. OK...I know I'm a nerd...but it was like "Um...hi...your artisgorgeousandyoumakemenervousbecauseyou'resoawesomeandidon'twanttosoundallfangirlokthxbai" Anyway.

Everything that has a heart on it is 25% off. And if you have shopped at VV before, you know that like A LOT of stuff has hearts on it. Just look for the big pink bows to find which items are on sale. In addition, there will be some pinata action later with prizes (not sure when) and right now you can get some exclusive dollarbies, two of which are the stuipd cupid earrings and the stupid cupid necklace:

Just thought I would burn your eyes out with some mega bright pink real quick. WEEE. OK, back to work!


Anonymous said...

I stayed and you left? Ok something is so wrong with this picture.


Anonymous said...

Sileny! You shouldn't get intimidated by awesomeness! You're awesome too! - Nebula Q.