Tuesday, February 17, 2009

You Want Goodies You Say!??

Well here ya go!

First up, a 500 members group gift from The Black Canary. This top hat is just awesome. And unisex! Gotta love the fab red rose.

Second we have this skin from Romi. It is Romi8 and thankfully you don't have to camp for it OR win it on a lucky board. Just go to the store, activate your group tag, touch the box, and weeeee! Now...Xonx never won the lucky board Romi7 skin...even though I have tried SO FREAKING HARD. So if you are there and see an X I won't be mad if you TP me :P Xonx me, that is.

Then head over to Handel and win some dresses on the lucky chairs. A fancy yellow one:

Or a fancy hearts one! The subscribo also sends out frequent gifts so slap that too.

And finally head over to Morantique and get this cute little carousel music box for 1L. I don't what is it...I like carousels and I like music boxes. And I like dollarbies.

OK...back to work! Or at least Plurk :D

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