Sunday, February 22, 2009

reaching for Lucidity

So this isn't just a freebie blog, and I hope people realize this. I kind of aim for it to be somewhat freebies, somewhat scene, somewhat goofy shit and then there is the lifestyle stuff. We all need cool places to hang out right? So here's the newest offering.

I know how picky you goth kids can be about clubs, I should know considering I essentially walk among the ranks as much as I protest it. Well, there is a new club in town, it has a gorgeous build, great DJs, and overall, it's just amazing. I present to you Lucidity.Lucidity is the new club on the Winterfell Absinthe sim, famous for Wretched Dollies, and WD's very own owner Star, is the owner of Lucidity with her partner Viktor. With these two, you know there are no details left untended, they've taken a fine toothed comb over the whole place to make sure everything is perfect.
The club is very unique, with three stories, the dance floor, lounge, and a hanging garden beneath, if nothing else this club is worth checking out because it is so beautiful. There has been a lot of care taken with this place, the lights are immaculate, the design is fun and you don't feel like a complete lamer hanging out in this club, as you might in so many other clubs on the grid. There is quality here.
Another unique thing about Lucidity is that there is an effort to mix media, and it's really kind of fun to be dancing and see a video pop up on the screen to accompany the song. There are lots of screens in the club and down in the lounge, so you have a good view anywhere.
Star is always looking for new talent, but consider the genre before you apply, this isn't a top 40s club ;D obviously. But the music is diverse, DJ Naga threw down with some Fantasy metal the other night, and you will usually find goth, industrial and other electronic genres, someone was spinning DnB the other night, but I had to miss it, much to my chagrin :(
Star is known for her gorgeous dolly wardrobe, but when you step into this club you know there is potential for so much more. As a sneak preview, the lovely Star gave me a sexy little cat suit which will be in her upcoming line of club wear! Club wear from the queen of dolls? Who'd have thought. The cat suit is hot though!
She didn't give me a date for when the new clothing line will be released, but its coming, and really, for now, that's all you need to know. Considering how nice Star's clothes are, you know the club gear will be amaaaazing!
Anyway, stop by and check the place out, it's lovely. Join the group 'Seeking Lucidity' if you like so you can keep up with the events, which are always fun. This is definitely a club to watch, there has been so much effort and love put into this place you can't help but want to stay.

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Lexis Babenco said...

Looks like fun! Thanks for the info!