Monday, February 23, 2009

Elf Peppermints and Neko Manias

So the other day I went to check out the cutie land hunt that Wrenja blogged earlier today and there is this adorable shop there that sells elf items for 0L and up. (and like the most expensive thing was I think 20L :P) I was on my alt that has 0L so it was great for me to find something to post haha. Anyway. I got the free skins, ears, and boots from the store, which is called Elv'an Majika. Yay! I then went over to the always amazing Peppermint Blue and got the latest sailor outfit release. There are actually two different sets which each come with an array of options. But here is what I got:The shoes in the first picture actually come with the outfit from Peppermint Blue (woot!) and the boots in the third picture are free from Elv'an Majika (the set comes with a whole bunch of colors). The hair in the first picture is also free at Elv'an Majika! The gold eyes in the picture are a group gift from MJ + DaDa (invite only group).

You know...the longer I write this post the more I keep thinking that Wren already posted this sailor outfit...hmm...well, if she did then oops for me XD Or maybe I'm crazy. See, I have been so busy lately I have no idea what has or has not been blogged. I can't even sit down and read the blogs I normally check. SO, yeah, if you see something I post in the next couple days that has been everywhere already, forgive me, I promise to get back on track soooon!

Anyway. Another thing I wanted to show you quick is the Midnite Mania set from Ari's Neko Retreat. It takes A LOT of people to fill that MM board so if you want it, hop to it. The set includes male and female skin, eyes, whiskers, and several different hud controlled ear and tail options. Worth a click I must say.

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