Sunday, February 15, 2009

I Bring You Love! :D

And an over-abundance of cutesy smiley faces. But no hate. x:
O.K., maybe a little bit of hate for eyelashes, baldbases and anything eyelash or eyebrow related. I can't even find a cutesy smiley to express how I feel about them. |:

The latest group gift from one of my favourite virtual jewellers, Alienbear Gupte:

To get it you must be in her inworld group 'Alienbear Design & Le' Cameo Lovers'. You go to the Member Only shop and touch the poster. There's also some past freebies including last year's St. Valentine's gift which I haven't pictured because it required changing...

The amazing eyes are from the House of Ruin / AET hunt which ends on the 17th. There's lots of beatuiful, unique and occaisonally creepy eyes in 19 hearts (14 from HoR, 5 from AET). :3

These are from HoR, the first five are just some of the 28 eyes you can find and the last ones are in the SoM. There's also some regular freebies that aren't pictured.

And these are from AET. The first are in the AET hearts. The last ones are a regular dollarbie in a set of four. I suspect there's more but I like green best. x:

Necklace/Earrings - Alienbear - Member Only Gift
Eyes - House of Ruin / AET - Valentie's Hunt / SoM gift / Dollarbie (Ends 17th)
Hair - Truth - Regular Dollarbie
Underwear - M&R Cupcakes - Valentine's Hunt (Ends today)


Prudence said...

A+ Lovebug. <3

Everyone welcome our Tricky to the blog! PRONTO. <3

okrebecca said...

i like that house of ruin can be e-bbreviated to HOR lofl

Trickett Nightfire said...

I'm lazy and have joined the Americans in abbreviating everything. ): I probably should have called them Ruin? x:

sileny said...


jesse said...

house of ruin / aet = closed. sad. :(