Saturday, February 14, 2009

My heart is floating on air

Scribble has new gifts on the lucky board, three to be exact! Two new purses, and those fantastic little floating hearts you see around my head. I was totally excited about it, because I'd been watching Radio play with the hearts for awhile before she added them to the lucky board, and I can be totally shy about saying hello xd (Hi Radio!)They are red, but in the light they get all refracty like, and its totally pretty. The purses are darling too I waited around mostly for them, and it was totally worth it. The moleskin diary and the chocolate bonbon are still available as well, but you can't say how much longer they'll be available, so you should get to Scribble and snatch them up while you have the chance!

Also! Today only, everything RED in Scribble is 50L!

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