Tuesday, February 17, 2009

My Friend the Kitty

An extremely awesome friend of mine told me about a super cool item camp. Now, I love item camps. A lot. And I especially love the ones that make you do like crazy things. The one over at Pet Village makes you pet a kitty's face for 15 minutes to get said giant kitty. The giant cat is like...so freaking awesome. His little eyes blink and are just "aawwwww" inducing. You can set him on the ground and pet his furry little face like so:

Or you can wear him and ride around on him. Even fly! But watch out because he does random backflips!! AHAHA!

I am going to name him...Melmer.


Dunneh Snookums said...

That is. The. Coolest. Thing. I. Have. EVAR SEEN!


sileny said...

HAHAH! Yes go get him and then come flying with me!!!!