Monday, February 23, 2009

Shoes and Boots!

Yum! Shoes and boots for dinner! Wait...ok, you can't eat them. But they still rock. Ahem.

First up, sextastic shoes from the Baby Monkey Midnite Mania. For some reason i really like the blue skin with the pink shoes.

Second, if you can join the Kayliwulf Kingdom update group (it isn't always open enrollment. You don't want to join and dash. Go down to the store and seek an invite.) you can find two pairs of sexy latex thigh high boots in the group notice history. The first pair has laces all up the back:

And the second pair has buckles. Mmm...buckles. Can't eat buckles, but these are sexy enough where you might find a naughty man to chew on them. that perverted? I don't care. If blue isn't your color, don't worry, the store has sales, freebies, and all that stuff all the dang time.

Go get your freak on.

EDIT: Apparently the Baby Monkey shoes are gone from the MM now. Purple pumps in there atm.


okrebecca said...

appears that the baby monkey midnight mania shoes have changed? there's a purple pair of pumps i see upstairs in a corner....anywhere else i should seek out the pinkies?

sileny said...

DAMN. They must have changed them. Ack. Ah well. Apparently they have two free pairs of shoes and a free outfit out for Mardi gras though!