Friday, February 27, 2009

a Cluster f**k of GOODIES.

RC Cluster has new goodies in the chair, four to be exact. I love love love RC Cluster. They are a very creative store, and bring the most random and homely things from RL to life in SL for us to enjoy, such as As Seen on TV things. How can you not love that? I'm particularly keen on the couch cushion fort (hint hint, my birthday is in March!) So they are definitely worthy of keeping a close eye on for updates and goodies.

Two of the new prizes are adorable pose ball set called Gossipy, and the Mardi Gras beads I have on.

Also, this awesome Mardi Gras themed cake that serves pieces and has a baby hidden in the cake, like the real deal!

The fourth item is a mixing bowl with color change batter in it, way cute to go with all those awesome aprons floating around. Sadly I haven't won this one yet, but the chair is only a 5 min wait!

If RC Cluster is new to you, check out the TABLE covered in freebies, from a show thrower and hair gel, to a couch, hanky, handcuffs, and a handful more. Loads of fun stuff.


Anonymous said...

RC Cluster is awesome! Thanks!

sileny said...

Gimme that cake! XO