Saturday, February 21, 2009

Skin Party of DOOM!

OK, not really doom. More like awesomeness. I know I am supposed to be going on vacation, but there are so many good skin freebies out right now I felt obligated to post. Now, some of these are kind of old but I haven't been able to blog much lately so I wanted to squeeze them in anyway.

First up, Join the Curio update group to get these skins free. They come in every tone and all tones come with a freckles option. I am like massively in love with these skins. I am only showing two of the tones because I am tired and lazy.

Next pick up 2L some where and buy the two gift bags for 1L each at Lazolli. There are bunches of makeup options in each bag. I'm only showing three though (see above :P).

Then we have a mixed bag! The skin on the top left is a freebie from Beauty Avatar. Insanely gorgeous. Top right skin is a group gift from GiGi Couture. Check notices! Bottom left is one of the GL hunt gifts from SkinSane. Don't forget to finish the hunt! And the skin on the bottom right is from the Atomic update group notices. OK *phew* I hope that is enough skins for today, as it is time for me to go see psychic Sylvia Brown live! HAHA!


santoshi said...

Beautiful. she is so charming.

Jezabell said...

Hey Sileny, I was looking to find those Curio skins, and I wandered around the whole store looking for somewhere to join the update group and couldn't find anywhere to join. Can you tell me where to join and if the skins are still available?

sileny said...

Hi! If you search "Gala" you can join the group called Gala & Rita Design Announcements (I think is the whole name).

In other news, thanks for commenting Santoshi, I am like addicted to checking the comments, i love hearing back from people! Feel free to always send us comments of all sorts. I have a feeling I'm not the only one who loves them haha.