Saturday, February 28, 2009

Twisted preview ni ban!

In the event that you forgot since last night, the Twisted Grid Wide Hunt starts tonight at midnight! I've already shown off some of the gifts available, but there is even more! As I said last night, there are 103 stores involved, so even though I'm dropoping all kinds of awesome previews on you, you KNOW there are a pile more to be claimed. Just consider this a taste.Twisted and Spoiled outfit gift

Today I'm showing off clothes, accessories, furniture and lots of other fun stuff from creators like Dare Designs, Twisted and Spoiled, HoC, Oddment, and others. And just a reminder, when you start the hunt(which starts tonight at midnight), you'll be looking for the Lament Configuration, that famous puzzle box of Hellraiser fame (ugh I love it).

Its flooring me how every pair of boots I'm getting is straight up sexy. I showed off two hot pairs yesterday, and today we have a hot little set from Dare Designs, I love the scroll work all over the boots, I nearly died when I saw it. I have a thing for spindly viney looking details.

There are a LOT of accessories to be claimed. Lots of necklaces, rings, armbands, from stores like Sable Rose, House of Creations, Oddment, and AR Designs. There is a lot of diversity in styles, from jewels to barbed wire and safety pins (tee hee) you're sure to find something you can't live without. The necklace above is part of a two set from Sable Rose, one is a lock that says 'kept' and the other is a key to that lock, unfortunately it's not transfer, but you can just TP your guy in to claim a set so that you can be all fetishy and obnoxious about it xD.

Of course you want to have a little bit of fun, gotta laugh at yourself a little bit. And god knows there is SOMEONE out there who wants more than anything, to pierce their brain. Even if you don't, you can still pierce your eyebrow, lips, or ears with the Safety Face set from Oddment, which is just one of their gifts for you in the hunt.Oddment Safety Face Set

Although you aren't getting the couch in the hunt(around 500L at Rustica), you can claim the lamp that hangs above me. This is Lantian's gift to you if you so choose to pick it up, its a lovely little lamp and relatively low prim, coming in at only ten prims. This is the only piece of furniture I've recieved so far, so I can't really tell you how much there will be in the hunt, if I get more from the creators, I'll let you know.

Now you might notice there is a lot of stuff that is unisex, and what you're not seeing is that there are guy gift counterparts to a lot of gifts. Obviously not everything is going to be guy friendly, but you would be surprised at how many unisex/guy gift options there are in the hunt, and there are a lot of toys that are great for boys, like this hot little jet below. So don't think you're being left out.
Princess X31 Jet

So here we are, less than 12 hours before the hunt starts, are you salivating yet? xd

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