Saturday, February 14, 2009

My bloody Valentine

Once you're done at Lurvebite, its time to hop over to Miasnow. Why? SALLLLEEEEEEE. If the product has a heart on it, that means its on sale, including her some of new Lolli skins!Lolli Bloody Pleasures 4 (On Prudence) - 200L
Lolli Bloody Pleasures 3 (On Wrenja) - 200L

You'll also find selections from her Hunny, Abbey, Junkie, and Ganguro lines. Most costing 200L, and the Ganguro skins costing 100L. I myself am completely smitten with the Lolli bloody pleasures skins. Ridiculously detailed and just plain beautiful any way you look at them.

Its not just skins on sale though! I said if it has a heart, its on sale! So that goes for clothing and tattoos too! The big time sale is for the tattoos and clothes. 10L each! No, seriously. That gorgeous tat you see below? 10L, and it comes with different layers, and two different sizes! I'm wearing the small size.

I said clothes too. I don't just mean "one t shirt for 10L" either. Shes put her really lovely dress sets on sale for 10L. What the hell? All kinds of skirt options, button options, top options, for 10L! You aren't even paying 1L per PIECE included! Buy both sets, it comes in red and purple.

Oh, and just to keep your ass firmly planted in the store? Yeah, new Lolli clown skin in the lucky chair! I got REALLY lucky and W was like the 4th or 5th letter to come up after Miasnow had added it to the chair. Lookit the lovelorn little clown girl in a tree :[


sileny said...

:O :O :O :O

MiaSnow said...

ahhhahhhahahha thank you kindly for the great write-up and awesome pics! <333333

Wrenja said...

squeeeeeee >< thank you for saying so!