Friday, February 27, 2009

Twisted preview number one!

There is a little less than 36 hours until the Twisted grid wide hunt begins, and just about time to start dropping teasers on you lucky kids. The hunt is going to begin at DV8, and will have 103 fantastic stops of goth, punk, fetish, horror and other... twisted gifts.Skinzors Dolly av

Today I have a selection of gifts from Grimm's faery Sales, Skinzors, and many more. All of the participants have put a lot of effort and love into their offerings and it shows, from the complete dolly av that Skinzors is offering, to the Wings from Grimm's faery Sales, and the boots from Self Expressions.

Grimm's faery Sales wings are straight up amazing, they change their shape dependent on whether you're standing or flying, and the style and design is beautiful and there is so much detail. The dolly av set from Skinzors comes with four skins, with two makes ups, two beaten up and two just looking beautiful as well as a dress, matching boots, and of course, a box for dolly to stay in(not pictured).

There are a lot of accessories to be had in this hunt, from rings, to necklaces and chokers, belts and of course shoes. I love shoes, so much, about as much as I love hair, and allllll of the shoe offerings I've seen thus far, are straight up lustworthy.

Then there are all the belts, all of them made with probably not the best intentions from the names they have, but are well made regardless. Adorned with everything from crosses, to syringes and stabby things, weeeee.

The jewelry is totally diverse, which is awesome because it means there is something for everyone, whether you tend toward voodoo priestess, or a post apocolyptic bitch with a thing for barbed wire.

Anyway, prizes will be out by midnight tomorrow night, since the hunt starts March 1st and will go until the 30th. You'll be looking for 'eggs' and by eggs, I mean the Lament Configuration, the famous puzzle box from the Hellraiser movies. You can check out the official Twisted Grid Wide Hunt blog here for more information on stores participating. This is just your first taste, so make sure to check back because I have more stuff to show, and will be showing it through out the next few days.


Lily said...

Oh! I can't wait! ^_^

Anonymous said...

Holy hell that looks awesome. Thanks for blogging everything, you're my SL hero :D

Anonymous said...

*squees with excitement*

I am squeeing in a twisted, gothy manner of course.
*shifty eyes*

Jezabell said...

OMG those boots are badass

sileny said...

gimme gimme gimme gimme