Monday, February 16, 2009

Hail Mary

Have you ever heard of Balderdash? If not, you're missing out, as they have some really lovely jewelry, in a more traditional style. Recently, a new item has been released that I just couldn't resist. Held Rosaries.Whether you have serious faith, or just like religious iconography, these rosaries are beautiful, from the cameo to the cross, and every singular bead, you can see the attention to detail, and care taken with the creation. I love how the piece twines between the fingers, and falls against the skin, this is really a lovely piece of work.
you get two styles, and the set retails for 225L. There is also a necklace version available for 180L to match. It comes in five colors, Merlot, Wheatgrass, Midnight(shown), Seaspray, and coal. Right now most of the Merlot (red) merchandise at Balderdash is set to give 50% to the bush fires red cross fund. Look for items with the red dot, its not all red merch, and not all of the red merch is a part of it ^^


jenniewren writer said...

yay wrenja - I love these pics!!! ^-^

Wrenja said...

Yay! I made the poses myself and everything xD