Friday, February 13, 2009

RD, Ztique, DM Sale!

Reasonable Desires has super fantastic showgirl ensembles that Ztique made shoes to match and DM Designs made jewelry to match. Now, all three stores have put their showgirl goods temporarily on sale! At 50% off!!!! That's a nice fat discount!

Here I am being oh so happy in my green showgirl outfit!

Here I am waiting around in my pink showgirl outfit!

Come get 'em boys!!!

And the shoes...Yum! Ztique really does make some freaking awesome shoes! I wish I could afford the DM Designs jewelry to show ya because it is really cute too. If I do get it though, I will show it, never fear!

Shop, Shop, Shop My Darlings! All stores are conveniently located inside the RD mainstore.

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