Saturday, February 28, 2009

Hi Ari! :D -Waves.-

I haven't been on much this week and I'm drowing in NCs, LMs and capped IM e-mails. So major thanks to Arianrhod for inadvertedly showing me these shoes.

For all budding zombies and fashion elitists - frankenfeet by Tesla. :D Available on SLEx or SLExStreet or whatever they call in now.
I skipped over to the store and couldn't see them so they may only be on SLExchange, I'm not sure.

Ari's a fellow model for Sn@tch and she's also set up her own gothic jewelery and piericings shop called Silver Wheel. I tried to snag some close-ups of her earrings but they didn't turn out as I would have liked. ):
I did want to retake all these but I am experieinceing one majorly scary headache and would like to log ASAP. x: Lesson for today: grey's not the best background colour. (No kidding.)

Shoes - Tesla - SLEx freebies

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