Monday, February 23, 2009

More Wave!

.:*Wave.:* has started a new update group which merges the male and female update groups. To entice you into the new group, the owner has put these mega sexy jeans in the notices as a group gift for you to grab. The ripped-to-shred pants are super tight (the way I like them!) and come in super low rise, mid rise, and low rise with peek-a-boo undies. The green cami is a freebie as well.

There are also mega tons of past freebies there, such as these:

The belt I am wearing with the dangling cross is from .:*Wave.:* as well and I think it cost 59L (not 100% positive). There isn't anything in the store above 100L, and most things seems to cost around 50L-75L. Totally worth a trip!! The items are realistic, but creative, and will stay in my top faves for a while i think.

The glasses are part of the free subscribo welcome package from Artilleri.

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