Friday, February 27, 2009

AW Design

This is NOT A freebie post, GET OVER IT.

As you know, from time to time we showcase places we really like and think are worth a visit. It's my turn to bring a store to your attention that you may not have heard of, or may not frequent but totally should. I bring you AW Design. My friend Sophy led me on to this store months ago where I fell in love with a shoe they have called Schoo. I was gifted a pair from someone durring the holidays, and have since been a staple visitor.

Such a gorgeous shoe, and this particular fabric is White Tiger. I pretend it's Zebra, as we know I adore my Zebra prints. Wren owns a pair of STUNNING patent leather heels from AW Design that I did not get a snapshot of, but for those of you who love Dolly and Loli dresses, the Sugar N' Spice heels from AW are the perfect sexy companion to such dresses, even the maryjane styled pumps, Court-X, which I personally have to have when I can afford them.

Schoo - White Tiger - 470L

The prices are high, but well worth the qualitiy of what you are purchasing, especially if you are a latex fan. I am not, however I think their latex and fetish garb is exquisit. I'm particularily keen on the shoes though, no lie.

Every week in store, one regular item is priced down to a whopping HALF OFF. This is a huge deal for how amazing the product can be. For example, this week the discounted item is a gorgeous pair of sexy blue latex boots. A regular item is discounted every Monday, and remains half off all week. The following Monday a new item is selected. This awesome weekly feature should be enough incentive to at least pop in on a regular basis. A few weeks ago the discounted item was this awesome pink set Wren purchased.

Alleyene - Rose Pink - 595L

It has multiple layers to customize your look, including a modesty undershirt to cover your breasts as Wren is showing us here.

Alleyene - Rose Pink - 595L

Stop by AW Design and check out the store. They have everything from flawless scultped shoes and boots, to exquisitly detailed fetish and latex outfits, sophisticated but sexy buisness outfits, ankle straps, sporty swimwear, and bold skins and tattoos. All worth a glance if nothing else. The best part about store, is the three vendors you'll find near the door when you land. These kiosks provide the perfect stations for gifting your alts, friends, and family, or shopping without waiting for the store to rez. Perfect.

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Green Dream said...

"This is NOT A freebie post, GET OVER IT."

Best. Part. EVAR. <3

And those shoes are wicked, too. :D