Monday, February 16, 2009

I'm Secretly A Princess

I own more gowns than I think anyone would guess. They don't get used very much on account of not being able to role play and lack of ballroom-wear-only invites. Here are two currently being given out by two gown groups I'm in.

This is a group gift from Kouse's Sanctum. I'll be wondering around in this gown for the rest of the day. :3 The notice is dated 10/2 (or 2/10 if you're American) and there's one for Valentine's that's just too pink for me. x:

This is the February gift from Evie's Closet. It costs 100L to join the group (after she had some unfortunate encounters at Christmas ): ) and a further 1L for the dress but if you use gowns or feel inclined to hoard them it's a bargain as there's a group gift every month and they're always beautiful.

The tiara and choker (it's totally not going through my neck in that first picture <.< ) are from the lucky chair at PrimCision which has been reduced to 2 mins and has wildcards. Yay. :D There's also a monocle and a pair of earrings, which I haven't won yet.

I'd like to thank the couple who just had to use the kissing poseball I was standing by for a slightly awkward experience. :3 It's all right though, Trick can't defeat object glow and relocated to her pretty skybox instead.

Blue Gown - Kouse's Santctum - Group Gift
Pink Gown - Evie's Closet - Group Gift
Choker and Tiara - PrimCision - Lucky Chair

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Trickett is good reviewer <3