Friday, February 13, 2009

Randoms Randomly

So I did some hunts, fished, got some freebs, and realized I was waaaaaay too lazy to make individual posts about all of them. So, here are some randoms!

I fished these dresses out of the Katat0nik pond. They are the new colors of the Whale Hooker dress. You have to catch some pretty interesting items to get them heehee. Took me A LOT of bait to get them and A LOT of help haha. (TY Moon and Opal and Annika :P) The boots are from DV8, which Wren blogged, and are not free BUT there are a ton of super hot colors in the lucky chair that are exclusive to the chair.

Speaking of Katat0nik, there is this striped dolly dress that is one of the many gifts at the Starlust broken heart hunt that completely floored me with awesomeness. The hair is a gift from BP* for the Starlust hunt and comes in pink too! Weeee!

These nails are a picks rewards from Candy Nail. They are color change. You want them.

Skin and shirt are Schadenfreude Starlust hunt gifts. Jeans are a dollarbie from Rainbow Snail. Hair free at CKR. Hat Starlust hunt gift from CouCou. Pure joy and love.

Hair free from Pudge in the Starlust update group notices. Skin is MJ+DaDa's kissed hunt gift again. I can't get enough of it.

Ok all, have some random fun!

P.S.- I didn't include slurls to the individual store involved in the hunt.

P.P.S.- I forgot the slurl to Candy Nail. It does come up in search though and also under Xonx Snoodle's profile. Go find it now! HAHA. Otherwise I will fix it when I can log back on :P

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Anonymous said...

Aw, you're very welcome, Sileny!

-- Annika B.