Friday, February 13, 2009

More Random Randoms Randomly

(side last post was giving me a really rough time, kept messing up, forgetting slurls, etc...turns out it was post number 666 hahaha)

Here we go with more randoms due to laziness! Weee! Up first, go to KA Designs and get this dress inside the women's clothes shop for freeee. Also included is a tee shirt for the men folk.

And look at that is the Inorite gift from the Starlust hunt. Actually, it's a fatpack. Yum!And then Elliandra TPd me to a lucky board and it was a really cute dress from WhoNose! Yaaay for TPing friends! The hair is a group gift from UncleWeb studios. The store is closed for remodeling atm, but you can join the group to receive the hair by searching "uncleweb" under the group tabs. Stay in the group to be informed of when the store opens again!

And this gown is also a dollarbie at WhoNose for you to buy while you are waiting for the lucky board to spit up your letter.

OK..more blogs to come!

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