Friday, February 20, 2009

The Laughing Academy Sale!

The Laughing Academy is having a major sale! They are moving and to celebrate they are having a secret sale at the Candy Land location. If you are not familiar with The Laughing Academy, well, now is the time to get to know the place! Items are set for sale at ridiculously low prices. I saw items as low as 1L...and some of those items sell for like hundreds more than that normally. One item I got for 1L was this cute flamingo bandeau bikini. Love the vintage style!

For 20L (I think) I got this outfit which comes with the skirt, top, gloves, and socks. Tre chic!

I got this red dress for I think 25L and it can be worn with the long skirt or the ballet skirt as seen below:

If you donate to the Bushfire relief charity you can also grab a gift that contains the following dress plus a pretty cuddle rug and an awesome fabrege egg-style music box (did I spell that right??) You can donate as little as 1L, but remember giving is loving!

I also saw tons more gowns and dresses priced crazy low and even shoes for 5L a pair.

Oh and about the 'stache. I wore the mustache from Steamstress that is 0L and I don't want to take it off. Don't hassle me about it. -.-
And TY Pru for the reminder! Steamstress is having a half-off sale and also has a gorgeous green dress in the lucky chair (which I am wearing but you can't see. I tried to take a picture but SL was doing that weird alpha glitch thing. )

TY Elliandra BTW!

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Prudence said...

Don't forget to mention that Steamstress is having as 1/2 off sale.