Sunday, February 22, 2009

Give Me A Title? ._.

Apparently I'm off form today but here's a post for you anyway on a shop called [AV]. I think it's a fairly new shop with some cute dresses and swimsuits including a few with a rockability flair. :3
This dress is currently on the counter under the SoM.

And they are holding a small hunt for three hearts in store. The hearts are easy enough to spot and contain a top/shirt, a dress and a pair of shoes.

The shoes in the first two pictures are in one of their two lucky boards.
The semi-transparent leggings are from Royal Blue. I don't think they're available anywhere but they could be a SoM gift, I don't remember where they were blogged. x:

I feel inclined to point out the store is new and I did see some seam blurring and mismatching seams on the hunt items but I think the blue dress is a step in the right direction and hopefully we can look foreward to more cute dresses. :3

Clothes dollarbies at AV

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okrebecca said...

a title? ok. i dub you, "Miss Tery"