Saturday, February 28, 2009


I still don't have my internet back, but while i have access I have done some quickies for ya. These two are both so amazing I am sure you have heard of them already, but just in case, here ya go!

At Nikita Fride there is a group only lucky chair that contains this AMAZING skin. I say amazing a lot, but I really mean it! Just look!

The tattoos are all a part of the skin. Sometimes I get an amazing free skin and have to toss it because it comes with sucky tattoos...but these tattoos ROCK. They are like tattoos I might even get in RL, if I had more room for tattoos. :P the vintage "Stella" lingerie is not free, but it is cheap. You can get it at Reasonable Desires for well under 200L (not sure the exact price, but it isn't much).

Then if you head over to Adam N Eve there is a new freebie that has two dresses, a pair of lovely gold heels (LOVE their shoes btw), three sets of eyes, a fat pack of hair and this skin:

I fell in love with this skin because it is so realistic. Adam N Eve makes skins that are beautiful in the way you can actually find in RL. Beautiful like the lady you have a crush on that works at Macy's, not that unattainable beautiful so common in other skin stores. The bikini is attached so if you often get busy in the bedroom this skin won't work for you. But the full priced version don't have bikinis attached so go buy them! Heehee.

OK, hope you find somethign you love today!

Eyes in the first two pics by Alli & Ali
Hair in the first two pics by BP
Hair in the second two pics by Katat0nik
Eyes in the second two pics included in the Adam N Eve free pack

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