Sunday, February 15, 2009

Red Queen Group Gift

Red Queen makes some of the best and most unique hairstyles in SL, in my opinion. And they just gave out a group gift. WEEEE! The gift comes on two styles; bangs and red scarf, no bangs and grey scarf. And pink in honor of V-Day, of course.

I also wanted to mention the weekly sales at the lovely shops. Lots of stores have outlets there and every Saturday they have massive savings. Many places put things 50% off or more. For example, i got this dress with ankle boots and the beetlejuice shoes I'm wearing from Nightshade Designs's lovely shops location for a whopping 198L total. The seperate pieces are A LOT more total. I didn't make a slurl, but if you open your map and type "Gateaux" (tell me if I spelled that wrong :P) into the search box you can TP to pretty much anywhere on the SIM and find an amazing shop.

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