Monday, February 23, 2009

Maeva Sallleeeee

The hunt a few months ago by Maeva was fabulous, and I recall talking to the owner at the time about a miss-click purchase, where she mentioned a little snippit about the future of the store. She not only refunded me, but let me keep what I accidentally bought. Talk about generous, now she's having a 1/2 off sale in her store, in preparation for the next generation of her line! So, get to shopping, and smack the SoM to be kept in the know on when the store will have out new product.

Top - [maeva] - Ambutta Top [creme] - 5L
Bottoms - [maeva] - Jeans [hotpants] - 5L

Top - [maeva] - Fleur [gold] - 45L
Bottoms - [maeva] - Jeans [capri] - 5L

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