Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Warholic Vampire and Thalia's

Warholic Vampire has set a big pack of 13 of their older skins out for only 1L! The makeups are really dark and fun. I have only shown three of them due to time constraints, but believe me, they are all great. The first skin is from her newer line and is only 10L for the moment! There are also skins in the lucky chairs as well as clothing freebies and cheapies. Yay! Ty Goti for the note <3

And if you need some dark, vampy swimwear to match your skins you can join the Thalia's update group and find this set in the notices. I think it is mega hot. Yum! Thalia's used to have a subscribo but now has changed over to a regular group. This is a group you might want to stay in forever too...Thalia's has frequent sales, monthly gifts, mob vends that go down to 1L, picks rewards, Midnite Manias...the works!

OK, go become a sexy vampire hottie getting a moon tan on the beach!!

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