Monday, February 23, 2009


Vasha and Dys just won't let up, and are doing everything short of stapling you to the floor, to keep you in DV8. What now? Cyan. Yes, cyan, and only for a limited time too. Black and cyan in the midnight mania, Cyan and black in the riot vend (shown below)
And then, there is the lucky chairs, with the white and cyan combo. These colors are exclusive and will be pulled tomorrow! The two were nice enough to take the other prizes out of the lucky chairs for this promotion to give you the best chance possible of being able to get this set.
you have to be 1 of 500 to get the midnight mania, so get to it guys, not much time left, and do you know how many other people are salivating over these sets? And pick up the riot vend while you're at it, Vasha and Dys are so giving, its only right to give a little bit back.
I couldn't decide which picture I liked most of the Lucky Chair edition set, I just kept finding good places for poses :( so you get three pictures of the Lucky Chair set, and you'll like it.

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