Friday, February 27, 2009


Honey Hoffman of FreeSL and the store Intrigue has a little hunt going on, for 20 little lightbulbs. For those of you a little dim-bulbed or impatient, the bulbs are little, and you actually have to look! I know, doing a hunt for yourself and putting effort into it is hard to fathom but that's how it is if you want these goodies.

Anyways! Go, find 20 tiny lightbulbs, if Honey is there she might help you, or in my case, help me ward off Mother/Son hit-on-random-girls-named-proo teams. O.O (I'm not joking, but for the sake of uh.. embarassment, I wont publicize the story for you kids.) There are poses and textures in the bulbs, some of which you can see in the chain of photos below!

(Flexibility is totally sexayy)

P.S. If you don't like how sexayy I am today, piss off! Dress can be found by Katat0nik the lovely, in our HQ. Skin is in Amplify lucky chair (best Dia de los Muertos skins EVER), and the not free shit is ETD (Hair and shoes).

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