Tuesday, February 17, 2009


OK...I have no idea where I have been that I have never been to Thalia's. I must be nuts. My friend Daisie passed me a note about the sales going on there and the items looked great so I took the TP. I am soo happy I did. When I got there I found a wall of group gifts next to three or four Midnite Manias and two mob vends. Good start right? Haha! One of the group gifts is this totally awesome red medieval type gown. And if red is not your color, add Thalia's to your picks to receive a blue one.

For everyday wear you might select this dress from the wall of group gifts. I think it is just lovely, the texture on the top is especially lovely. The boots are free at the door when you enter! Mmm...boots.

And if you are in a sexy mood yet another gift is this lingerie. Sweet and sexy in the right mix I must say. The boots are a riot vendor purchase. The riot vendor goes down to 1L! That's a dang low price! There are tons of other group gifts so really, go check it out yourself!

And when you crack open that rusty Linden safe you can spend some on this SO HOT outfit. 50L for the outfit, stockings, and boots. Did I mention the stockings have back seams? I adore back seams. Yum!

Also by the stairs is a little sale area with many pink and red items for cheap. This outfit is like the one above, but includes the fur boots instead of the thigh highs and also includes the bunny parts, wristlets, necklace, etc. 100L is a pretty good price for it! It made me feel like a bunny super hero, hence the pose.

OK, well go shop! And hit those MMs if there are any open, I want the prizes! HAHA!

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