Monday, February 23, 2009

Just For Fun!

If you only care about fashionable attire or saucy skins, skip this post. Everything here is just for fun!

First off, the Plod update group gift is this cute little train set. The train goes around the little stick and is just so cute. I am sure there are some train collectors in SL who will scoop this one up!

Second, BP sent this gift that had my husband loving SL again. See, my hubby is an artist in RL and he is often saddened by how people with so much obvious artistic talent waste it making like boring-as-heck clothes and prefabs. Then he sees items like this and falls in love with SL's possiblities all over again. This little rain puddle comes in several different versions in the gift with plain, happy bunny, or sad bunny. There is also a multi-colored rain wall!

And this little box with the black rain and puddle from the set just kills me with glee when I see it! I love BP so freaking much!

Then head over Prettiful and grab these rose-colored glasses (group gift) and then these Mardi gras beads from Schadenfreude (the beads are scripted to give a copy out to anyone who clicks them! Yay!) This way you can look as fun and crazy as you feel!

OK..go have fun! That's what SL is about! Down with drama and worrying!

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Miranda said...

Hi Sileny
Love your work!
I went to BP and had a good look around both the clothing and furniture stores, but couldn't find the little rain puddle (which is just too lovely). I'm sure I must just be walking straight past it, but could you please tell me where it is? Thanks