Tuesday, February 17, 2009

KA-BAM! Goodies In Your Face!

OK..a little over-enthusiastic with my blog title today. Hee! Anyway.

Camp for 30 minutes to get this supremely lovely kimono from KonohanaSakuya. The name is really hard to remember and spell correctly (lol) but the shop is lovely. And we all know that green is my fave color so I was super happy to see it was, in fact, a glorious shade of emerald. This item camp is only available through the 22nd of this month, so hustle your bustles on down!

If you cross the street you will find a shop called Sister Strawberry. There are lots of cute dollarbies and freebies there, mostly chairs, couches, and pictures. But you can also find this adorable dress and jewelry set for free as a gift! Yay!

And in the back of the store you can also find this sandbox/skybox for free. I actually really, really adore this skybox. And yes, the chair is included!

And that is not enough goodies for you, head down to the Dominion Fashion District and grab these lovely bronze boots at the landing point for 0L! Love them!

KA-POW! Hit ya in the face with freebies.

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