Thursday, February 26, 2009

I love hair. Love. Hair. Somuch. Now that Tuesday's tryst wit the exclusive cyan pieces at +DV8+ is over, some normalcy has returned to the lucky chairs, but with the addition of some new hair!There are three new hairstyles/colors in the lucky chairs, to keep you from getting your beloved boots. But hey, these hairs are HOT, and the with the diverse styles, there is sure to be something everyone likes.
And get ready for new hair too! Vasha is working tirelessly on new colors, a lot of which will be appearing in the lucky chairs veeeeery soon :O They intend on keeping you in +DV8+ permanently, you better bring your sleeping bag.
Don't forget about the Twisted hunt starting on the 1st as well! We've been tagged as the official source for information about the Twisted gridwide hunt, so keep your eyes peeled for exclusive sneak peaks at some of the fantastic gifts you can get!

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