Saturday, March 28, 2009

all the hair a girl could ever want

They don't let up, but you should know that at this point. Vasha and her partner in crime Dys have stockpiled their lucky chairs at +DV8+ with allllllll kinds of hair, and I do mean ALL kinds of hair. We're talking four different styles, each in five different colors, colors which will be exclusive to the lucky chairs, so you can't get them anywhere else. But! This isn't a limited time deal, these will be around for a bit, so while you don't technically have to set up camp i nthe store again, you probably will anyway.Cyber Geisha (far left and center) in Candy Pink and Wicked Wine
Cyber Djinn(left center) in Aquanaught
Io Cyberfalls (inner right) in Purple Nova
Elektra Cyberfalls (far right) in Ghastly Green

But that's not all! There are also three outfits in the chairs, the utterly fantastic Praxis set in three different colors. Totally unisex too as you can see. It comes in teal(aquanaught), army green(fallout) and purple (Ultraviolet). As always everything is quality, and you'll be the hottest cyber bitch on the grid in this ish, unless you're standing next to me at least ;D

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