Saturday, March 28, 2009

Explorer Proo

After I went to MNK to fetch the darling new skirts Ding-a-ling from D-list blogged, I decided to explore the land and to my delight, I found an assortment of gifts about. While I was in MNK, I noticed the super adorable sidewalk chalk drawing on the ground, and when I went across the main walk way of the sim to b.v, I was estatic to find it as their opening gift! It's in a little bag on the wagon. You click it, and it has three different images!

Next I meandered over to Cover Girl, where they have THREE lucky boards, by the way, and snagged this cute little number as their opening gift.

Lastly, and bounced around and landed at Dreaming Alice, who has two wonderful Alice sets. I'm too normal to do them justice, haha. Wren is the gal who ought to be showing these off to you! Anyways, both sets have two skirt options, bloomers, socks, a bow, and the top with prim sleeves.

Above the vendors for the sets, you can find these three pieces of lovely black furniture free.

This is all new to me, and hopefully, it's new to some of you too. :D

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Hempy Weezles said...

omg the chalk drawings are the cutest!