Sunday, March 22, 2009

get clothed!

Today is the LAST day of the clothing fair, I hope you've pulled at least one run through. If not, here are even more reasons to do so! I'm focusing on the Relay For Life vendors, because well, I want you to donate! Your money will help save so many people, speed up research and increase prevention.Alienbear RFL Kielo set - 600L

When I saw Alienbear's contribution for RFL I gasped. I never cease to be amazed by the skill and creativity she puts into all of her pieces. Pinks and Violets and platinums, and uuuuuugh. Yum. The price tag for the set is a bit steep, 600L, but it goes to a good cause and you get a great set of jweelry in return.
Alienbear RFL Zivanit earrings - 5L
Alienbear RFL Zivanit Necklace - 5L

If Alienbear's main RFL gift is making you wince price wise, she has two other offerings for 5L each, an earring set, and a necklace in the same motif, and just as lovely. This set has to be my favorite cheapie of all in terms of freebies/dollarbies in the RFL showcase. Yes, the 5L items are RFL, you'll find them on either side of the main RFL vendor on little pedestals.
Leauge RFL Winged Hope set - 300L

There has been so much great clothing to be claimed during the fair, and I've loved how much of it has all of the profits going to charity. Leauge has presented an adorable flirty dress, and I'm such a sucker for wings I couldn't help but get it. I adore the color scheme too, it also comes with the thigh highs I'm wearing, the torn up look is a nice touch, don't you think?
Avid RFL Pandora set - 750L

Avid made sure the goth kids had something to lust over and this set is ridiculous, there are so many skirt and top options I took so long finally deciding on which look to use, I could have dedicated this whole post to different looks with the Avid set. It comes with the boots too, which is a big helllll yeah in my book.
Riddle Skully Argyle set - 150L

Riddle put down one from my favorite set. Their Skully Argyle is so adorable I couldn't help but snag it on my spending bender. This most definitely wasn't the most expensive thing I bought tho, as a matter of fact, it was down right reasonable. A great addition to your wardrobe no matter what scene you ascribe yourself to.
Moxie Polano's Black Swan gown - 100L

Moxie Polano dropped two new Relay For Life vendors late this morning, including her Black Swan gown, and another dress. I'm always stunned by the quality of Moxie's work, she puts so much detail into her clothes and it shows. I love how flouncy and delicate her feathes and ruffles are, I'm not a gown girl in general, but I'd follow Moxie's work to the ends of the earth. I don't care what anyone says, her RFL Auction gown is the best of the bunch. Wish I had piles of cash to dump on it, I loves it so xP

So get down to the clothing fair! There are lots of freebies, dollarbies, and then the amazing amazing Relay For Life offerings. Give to the cause and get lots of great stuff in return, how can you not love that? Don't forget, the fair ends tonight, so get going!


Anonymous said...

Great outfits! I also love your horns! where are they from?

Wrenja said...

you'll learn about the horns soon enough my dears :x