Monday, March 30, 2009

Back to Ghanie Lane

I went to go check out the balloons at Ghanie Lane, which Sileny blogged a little while ago. The monocules from Sanu she blogged are still there but there's also a couple more and I've taken some quick snapshots of some of the other ballons.

The new monocules are 'Peachy' and 'Banana'.

They're in the purple ballon on the right. I don't remember where any of the others are really. x:

There's a clock from Blonde.

Looks awesome and you can chage the colour of the outer, face and hands by clicking the centre. :3

Incase you're wondering what the 'love cloud' from FD Decor is...

It's a cloud with kissing poseballs and hearts. Doesn't take a genius to work out but I was curious. :3

And I really liked this choker from Roawenwood. It comes with matching anklets.

It's Trick's entire head this time 'cause it looks cute. >.>

All dollarbies and freebies at Ghanie Lane. Click the balloons. :3

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