Monday, March 16, 2009

Wrenny in Wonderland

Lemania has a special gift for those of you who post pictures of yourself in your glorious hunt winnings on the SL Divine Divas flickr. I lie, its not just one gift, but two! There is a vibrant poofy purple gown, and then... then there is this.

Here are the rules:

Upload a picture wearing any of the hunt items and be sure and label it:

Lemania Indigo March Hunt # (whatever you are wearing).

Keep in mind, I modded the skirt to be much shorter, so if you like longer skirts, you can get it. Blue is my favorite color, and shorty flirty dresses are my favorite dress, so does that mean this is my favorite dress? Oooooh, something to think about. So get your hunt prize pictures up on the SL Divine Divas Flickr, and claim this dress as well as another. ;D

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