Friday, March 13, 2009


Lemania has an amazing gift for you today, this is the last chance you have to get it, because after today, it's being retired FOREVER. So even if you only like part of it, grab it while you still have a chance. Today Lemania is offering up her Ghostly set, yes, set. That means you get the shoes, dress and the skin too. Finding hair is on you.The dress is beautiful on its own, but with the skin and heels, it kind of makes the set fantastic. I have mentioned how much I adore Lemania heels right? The skin is lovely too, I love the orangey red highlights. I'm sure you crazy elven roleplayers could find a lot of love for this skin. One last thing, IT GOES AWAY FOREVER AFTER TODAY SO GO GET IT NAO.


Prudence said...


Wrenja said...

except not.

sileny said...

lmao I totally thought that was Pru until I read the author's name :P