Saturday, March 28, 2009

chirp chirp chirp

I love Otters. Like so much. My mom has a beach house and its on a little private cove with three other houses. We were up there a few years ago, and I kept hearing this weird chirping off of the balcony, down on the rocks. I was convinced it was a hurt bird, and my mother and I finally went down to the beach to find the bird.Baby Otter shoulder pet - *M* Lucky Board

When we got down to the beach we heard the chirping bouncing off of the water, and spotted a mommy otter and three little babies swimming with her. The mommy ushered the babies back to their nest and she went back out to swim and hunt on her own. While mommy was away, the babies decided they wanted to investigate the strange peoples up on the dock on the rocks :O They were naaaaaughty little otters. They got REALLY close, it was so exciting! We never touched them or anything, but they were literally peeking up over rocks at us only two or three feet away. So noooow, I can finally have my own otters, thanks to the fantastic pet shop *M*. There is an otter in group notices, and an otter on the lucky board, both needing good, otter friendly, homes!
Holdable Otter - *M* Group Gift

P.S. They blink! Squeeeeee xD

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