Saturday, March 21, 2009

Malt & Spork

So, as most of you are aware Malt opened their new sim, and to celebrate are holding a sim-wide hunt of 50L items, 10 of which are from Malt, and 5 of which are from Spork. I was interested to see what goodies they would be offering, but I was out all day as it was my birthday (This is to explain the hat in my first photo.) When I got home, I wandered the sim checking out what goods were about, and well, look on;

First off, you have two FREE opening gifts. One from Malt;
Malt - Le Autumn Tunic - B/W - 0L

Spork - Flight dress - Violet - 0L

Next, I bring you a few of the hunt items. Obviously, they are 50L a piece, and it's hard to know what something looks at without buying it, and trying it on. Well, I helped you all out by creating a NC of WHAT is in each of the 15 hunt items. If you would like said NC, join The Love/Hate Hivemind and it will be in notices, or floating around elsewhere as I have passed it on. This is so you can decide if you'd like to spend the 50L on the hunt items, by looking at what it is in the stores. That is how I made my mind up and purchased the follow four items, for a sweet deal!

Malt Hunt # 9
Includes; Cutestfuckingjacketever >.< Malt Hunt # 5
Includes; Cargo Pants, and Tank top with MANY layer options.

Malt Hunt # 8
Includes; Top.

Malt Hunt # 3
Includes; Jeans, Top, Neck Accessory, Bracelets!

A lot of people were completely turned off by a 50L hunt, because you all expect things to be free. Look at the quality of these items? If you are too stingy to pay 50L for a SET of items that would avarage 150+ individually, then I pity you, frankly. I am so glad I made a NC to help myself and others in this hunt, and I'm even more glad I purchased what I did, that I may go back and get a few of the other items.

And no, I did not purchase any of the 5 Spork items, so sorry I can't show you those. Like I said, the NC I made will aid you in know what everything is before you buy.

Other -
Pump - Maitreya SoM Join Gift
Hair - This has to be, my favorite hair now.. hand down. As most of you ought to know by now, the brand Maeva is rebranding to Pacadi, and if you stay a part of their SoM not only will you be kept up to date on the changes, but you will sometimes recieve some gorgeous gifts such as this amazing hair. I haven't taken it off since I recieved it and I just love it. It's made so well, and it's brown! No offense blondies, but you guys get all the free hair, it's our turn now! I love the texture of the hair, and how real it's shape is. And good news, if you aren't part of the SoM, click THIS LINK, join it, and you can STILL get this gorgeous hair!!!!

Not Free -
Skin - Belleza
Eyes - LBP
Leggings (First Photo) - No.9 Nylons

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