Saturday, March 21, 2009

Freebie Poses Part 1: MrG

A few weeks back some of the more fashion based bloggers had a 'poser appreciation week'. Everyone's probably on Relay For Life now but I'm a bit slow so I'll hop on the bandwagon late and stand in the aisle, like I do on buses. :3 As we're freebie bloggers I guess we run on different tracks but we still need poses and a majority of mine have been free or a Linden through the generosity of pose makers. x: The actual challenge is a little different but I'm going to dig out the recent free poses and maybe some of the good old ones that are still about and pose in whatever I can find in my inventory. <.<
I've been putting off doing these 'cause I didn't want it to be like doing skins but I got lazy and did them on seperate images. Yay for laziness. x:

So here is a my first set from MrG.
These are all from his 'Faxion Set 01', which has 7 other poses, I don't know how long this set'll be available for free so hopefully they're still 0L when you get there. x:
There's also a break-dancing style pose on the wall and a few active poses if you play the match game, which is very easy, you just click a box for a bit. x:

Poses - MrG - Limeted Time Freebie?
Bikini - Ornamental Life at RFL - Relay For Life Freebie

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