Wednesday, March 18, 2009


Sweet things for your mouth and more! YAY! (Ignore my crappy photoshopping. I was having alpha isues, lmao)

First up, Lurvebite opened a shop in Mont Saint Michel and to celebrate they have this cinnamon roll for your mouth set to only 1L. it makes me really, really hungry.

Next, Scribble gave this cute mouth gummy out in group (as well as some nice hair accessories, like the one you'll see me wearing throughout these posts). Gummy-tastic!

Then for 25L you can go to Lazy Places and get this mouth carrot just in time for Easter. This carrot is interactive and tells jokes when you click it. Yay for silly jokes!

Next, Spoonful of Sugar, one of my favies for foodstuffs, sent out this Glory of Fudge outfit to the group. It includes the dress, tights, necklace, and even shoes (not shown). The oven mitts and cookie tray are one of the more recent dollarbies from Concrete Flowers. I can smell them cooking!

Anf finally, not food related, but so pretty, this jewelry set from the DM Designs subscribo. The gift includes the choker, braclets, ring and earrings in both silver and gold. The quality is just yummy and hence the inclusion in the sweets post. DM Designs is inside the Reasonable Desires mainstore, so don't get confused when you TP.

Hope you enjoy these treats that won't make you gain weight!

P.S.- this will be my last post for at least a week, as I am taking time off to tend to some RL issues. Please send all blog related stuffs to Wren, Pru, or Trick.

Edit: If for some reason you do see me online, I will be in busy mode and not accepting any inventory offers or IMs.

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