Thursday, March 26, 2009

Little Peter Cottontail, hoppin down the bunny trail

There is 12 hours until it is officially the 27th, and you know what day that is? BUNNY HOP! The posters have been taunting us for weeks now, over a month at least. We moaned and groaned, but I had been an early proponent for it, after noticing the stores that seemed to be displaying the sign around the grid.
Wretched dollies Peaches 'n Cream Bunny Hop set

There are exactly 300 stops, and yeah, that's a lot, but Cutey used a lot of discretion when choosing shops to participate. I've heard people involved in the hunt say, if she hadn't turned stores away... there would be 1700 participants. Now that's a number to cry at. Just think about it D:
Sister Strawberry Spring Bunny Hop set

But, this hunt is sure to eclipse just about every other grid wide that's come about. Some of the biggest and best stores on the grid are involved, so I expect to see all of my darlings out in their bunny tails hopping around the grid and picking up all of the fabulous little eggs to be claimed!
FD Decor - Circle Cubby (multi pose)
:WhoNose: - SeaBra dress


Pho Merlin said...

Omg I totally love the mushroom in the background of your last pic. Where did you take it or do you happen to know where the mushroom came from?

Wrenja said...

it was a freebie mushroom that was retextured xD

Pho Merlin said...

ahh cool