Saturday, March 14, 2009

RD, Wot?, Wave

So besides having the sexy group gift I blogged before, Reasonable Desires also has a 2L item in store for the next month! Yay! The Leah lingerie in black is set for sale at 2L to celebrate RD's group reaching 2,000 members. I recommend becoming part of the growing group. I have been in it pretty much since I was a noob and it has never left my group slots.

Next, the Wot? subscribo sent this interesting skin to its members. I am having log on issues so I haven't double checked my slurl, so I hope it is right :P Wot? has really inexpensive items and they are always a lot of fun.

And .:*Wave.:* has yet more freebies and dollarbies out for us in store. I am not 100% certain which were free and which were 1L, but I can tell you that some of them are sneakily hidden. (Hint: check even the empty hangers) All the tops and pants in the weird picture below are free or 1L. Don't forget the massive amounts of past freebs and buy some not free stuff too please because it's cheap and nice.

On a side note, (this has nothing to do with free stuff, just funny) when I went to click the Leah outfit in my inv to wear, I accidently clicked "add to outfit" on my entire Reasonable Desires outfits folder. I have dozens of outfits from there. Like...half the store probably. And it's a big store. Here is the humorous result of that mistake:

HAAHA. I cracked up. Have you guys ever done this on accident and come up with some crazy outfits? Have pictures you want to share? Heehee!

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roflmfproo said...

Roflmfao, okay I didn't plan on commenting on like, all your posts tonight, but as I was reading your blooper of adding your whole folder to your outfit, I died laughing in real life, and had to tell you are you are a retard, but this time I mean it in a good way because that's funny and I'm tired.

We should make Click Bloopers a feature for the blog. Have people end in their screen shots of inventory actions gone wrong.