Sunday, March 15, 2009


Not one to be left out, U&R Dogs is getting in on the Saint Patrick's day fun. They have a bevvy of gifts and prizes hiding around the grid for you if you're clever, or just a part of their SOM.Starting with the hunt in Hope Valley, you can get the bracelet shown above, as well as the adorable stool shown below. You'll find the clover in the U&R Dogs shop. It is holidayish, but the quality on that stool is amazing, and I'm positive it will have a permanent place in my inventory. I love the relentless attention to detail you find in U&R's products. Even the bracelet has obviously had a lot of care taken in making it.
The floating clover you see me on is actually for couples, but none of my boys were on to shoot with me, so I get to do it allll by myself. You can find it in the U&R Dogs shop at the H&S Village mall, which like I said really only had a few worthwhile prizes (that being U&R, Kunstkammer, and Greene Concepts)

There is also a clover swing available in the main shop, but you have to be part of the SOM to claim it. I'm pretty sure the SOM is near the main door, but the sing to claim the swing is off to the left wall when to enter the store, I forgot to take a picture of it, sorry! Its adorable though, I promise.

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