Saturday, March 21, 2009

Cioccolata Shopping Mall

After you have pranced around the spring festival at Albero shopping mall, jump next door to the new sim, Cioccolata, and wander around to see what goodies they have out discounted, or free! Wrenny took me along, and we picked up all sorts of stuff;

*mocorin* - Chocolate Jewelry Set - 1L
(Goes perfectly with the Anuenue lucky board dress.)

*mocorin* - TANPOPO Hair Ornament OL
(Four colors, two sizes.)

*mocorin* - ROBOKUN gum 0L

*mocorin* - Manmaru Tree 0L

Hat Mechanic - Usagi Band 0L

*R* Stone Saturn Light 1L

After I got home from my romp through the new sim with Wrenny, I was in the garden under the house, and well... you'll see.

The gummy bears were making fun of me for turning one year older today, and I was sad. The big bloo one started pushing me around, so I hid under one of the mushies and cried.

Not long after, I thought "Fuck this gummy bitch" hopped up, and duked it out with his big flabby ass....


Needless to say, 1 big gummy + 4 little gummies = 0 Proo's. =/

All four poses in my tragic story are from S2. There are two others that you can also get free here, that are not photographed.

Down Down Down also has a box of poses for you, for free. Two of which are below.

And before I grace you with the sight of Wrenny, I plan on creeping you out, because I know some of you are fucked up enough to want, buy, and wear these free, enormous doll heads from Herbiria.

I saved the best thing for last; Wren. No, really though, Forest Feast has this adorable fairy cage for 5L just for your, and the gorgeous wings you see coming out, are actually apart of the cage. You just wear it, and you are posed, and elegant, though not half as lovely as Wrenny.


Dunneh Snookums said...

That was a cool post, Proo! I loved the gummy fight. XD

And (Belated?) Happy Birthday! :D

sileny said...

Forest feast is my fave store EVER.

Prudence said...

Thanks Dunneh <3

Hempy Weezles said...

OMG those Doll Heads are CREEPY!!!