Thursday, March 12, 2009


Skinwalkers is a small shop to feed the fetish side you all have. Neoprene, Latex, and boots to get your kink on. The LC has a few outfits in it, and some boots. I only got one outfit before I had to run;

Dirty Tile Neoprene
(This one is transferable, so if you get multiple like I did, gift one of your freak loving friends with some new skin-suffocating neoprene)

Proo in fetish-like gear, who'd thunk it?


sileny said...

you know you're a secret Dominatrix. Admit it, Mistress :P

Wrenja said...

she is not, she's storm from Xmen.

Prudence said...

Or not.

Wrenja said...

totally is.