Monday, March 23, 2009

"Who's that tramping over my bridge?" roared the troll.

'Wrenja! Where did you get that helmet?!' Is all I've heard since I bought it, put it on, and started stomping around EVERYWHERE in it. Its amazing isn't it? Well, the pictures don't do it justice because, it looks even more stunning in person. The helmet casts a faint aura, and the inlaid gold domes around my face pulse ever so slightly, its so subtle and just, well, magnificent. Its so rare you see work like this on the grid, let alone, available for purchase at an affordable rate. Who is the maker of this fine piece of work? None other than Fade Dana of Hat Mechanic.The helmet is 500L, but its not just one helmet, you get three helmets, and a face mask. Yeah, three helmets, and they aren't just some shlocked together pieces of crap, every piece included is as stunning as the first. The set I'm wearing is called 'Gruff'. You know, the three... billy goats? Gruff? Yeah. There are two different sets of horns, and then a third, called 'The Troll'. Now, I would have GLADLY paid 500 for just the first helmet shown, that was the helmet that I wanted, but when I opened the folder and saw the other two helmets I was about as happy as a happy gets. Wouldn't you be?
Fade has a lot of other helmets and hats available as well, my next purchase is going to be the Medusa set... and then the nautilius, or maybe the bride of frankenstein, but the engineer's cap is amazing for its simplicity... so yeah, I want them all. After putting one on, I wouldn't be surprised to see you standing next to me in one of the Hat Mechanic shops staring longingly over whichever hat will be your next purchase. Because, once you put one of these on, there is no going back.


sileny said...

These are my fave pictures you have ever taken. Win.

Anonymous said...

whoot! thanks for the link Wren..;) love the helmet!