Sunday, March 15, 2009

look into my eyes

This weekend a lot of hunts started in the spirit of Saint Patrick's day, lots of excitement and special events instore at a lot of places. Kunstkammer is getting in on the fun, with lots of gifties allll over the place. If you head over to the Kunstkammer main shop you'll find a pile of lucky shamrocks, filled with some really lovely eyes, shown above and below, in a variety of colors. I'm totally loving the fae eyes below.
If you hop over to H&S village you'll find a hunt going on, not hard, the pots are relatively easy to fine, but after going through all of the prizes the Kunstkammer prize, U&R Dogs(but I'll get to that later) and the Greene Concepts gifts were the only ones worth keeping. The Kunstkammer gift is the lovely necklace below. I love it because it is completely appropriate for Saint Patrick's day, but is lovely and totally wearable any other day of the year. As much fun as holiday specific items are, how many do you end up throwing away afterward? Its nice when the gifts are something worth keeping in your inventory.

p.s. the gift from Greene Concepts is a really cute petits fours plate. When you click on the petits fours they disappear for a few minute, totally cute, and novel, just thought I'd mention it for all you food hounds out there.

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